The Cast of Chronicles of Dad

Foxhole Dad:  That’s me.  I’m the Dad. Huge Steelers fan. Love my Iowa State Cyclones. Go Pirates. If I could vote for Calvin Coolidge every election, I would.

Foxhole Mom:  That’s her.  She’s the Mom. She’s smarter, better looking and people generally like her more than me.

Riley:  This is our oldest daughter.  She’s your typical oldest child.  Responsible, bossy and driven. And she’s just entering her teens…

Kinsey:  Daughter number two.  She’s your typical middle kid.  She goes to extremes. Also excels in drama.

Bailey:  Our youngest and fastest daughter.  The narrator from Superfriends comes on each time she starts running to describe her blinding speed. Her independent streak randomly moves from a positive to a negative depending upon the situation.

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