The Cast of Chronicles of Dad

Foxhole Dad:  That’s me.  I’m the Dad. Huge Steelers fan. Love my Iowa State Cyclones. Go Pirates. If I could vote for Calvin Coolidge every election, I would.

Foxhole Mom:  That’s her.  She’s the Mom. She’s smarter, better looking and people generally like her more than me.

Riley:  This is our oldest daughter.  She’s your typical oldest child.  Responsible, bossy and driven. And she’s 18…

Kinsey:  Daughter number two.  She’s your typical middle kid.  She used to go to extremes but she’s matured into simply being a clothes thief.  But she’s dependable and surprisingly independent.

Bailey:  Our youngest and fastest daughter.  The narrator from Superfriends comes on each time she starts running to describe her blinding speed. Her independent streak randomly moves from sarcasm to…well it is pretty much a lot of sarcasm.

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