Rethinking Early Christmas

I used to feel like an early Christmas stole a little bit of the magic from Christmas morning. Especially for the girls. To me, it seemed the whole anticipation of Christmas morning and the unbearable waiting on Christmas Eve was weakened by having an early Christmas. I was wrong. It just makes Christmas more awesome. You get to see family and relive the stories of the glories of Christmases past. Like in ’78 when Santa brought me a two foot tall Godzilla. Back in ’08 Mom got me Tour of Duty: Modern Warfare. That pretty much wrecked the rest of the day. Anyway, an early Christmas gives you the chance to wear or use your new gift before Santa comes. For example, I was given this for early Christmas:


Normally I’m a purist when it comes to team gear. The gear should be limited to the official team and/or school colors. As you may have noticed this sweatshirt is a non-traditional shade of gray. And its from Nike. I don’t like Nike. Jim Delaney, ESPN and Nike have everything they can to destroy college football. The idiots in the NFL corporate offices decided to turn over their gear design to Nike last year. Now I fear Nike will kill tradition in the NFL. They already turned the Seahawks into Oregon. I mean if you had to choose between these two options, the decision is obvious. To everybody except Nike.

seahawks12 >seahawks70s

Anyway, Nike calls this sweatshirt color “anthracite” and it has these weird stripes on the sleeves and hood. I’ve never had a Steelers sweatshirt that wasn’t black, gold or the traditional heather gray. So I’m already living dangerously. But its just really freaking cool. So I’m making an exception. And I also decided to test its karma ability by wearing it for Sunday’s game vs. San Diego. If you saw the score, then you know this sweatshirt crapped itself on the big stage. And its not like I can give it another shot. Steelers lose another game and they are out of the playoffs. So once again my theories are proven correct. You wear only proven gear on game day. You never cheer for your enemy for they will always let you down. And weddings should never be scheduled for the fall. Anyway, unproven gear needs a full training camp and some early season tests before you break it out for a December game. Thanks for nothing Nike. This sweatshirt is limited to midweek wear now. I don’t think Bails had her Bettis jersey on for the game either. That didn’t help. She did ask Santa for some new Steelers gear for Christmas. No chance I get Rye to wear team gear anymore unless she’s actually at the game. She’s too cool now. Kinsey, hmmm, maybe. I need to lean on her a little bit.

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