Giving up on perfect

Christmas-Tree-FireplaceWe had a sermon at church Sunday about giving up on perfect. The theme was that folks worry and work so much to have a perfect Christmas they forget about the stuff we really should be thinking about at Christmas like family. And the NFL playoffs. Probably something about the birth of Christ too. But instead we’re worried about making Christmas perfect by doing nutty stuff like ironing napkins. Seriously, people do that.

Now, you may or may not have an appreciation at Christmas for things like napkin flatness. If you do, then you’re probably obsessing about the napkin’s uniformity for you and not so much for your guests as they probably care less about it than you do. Just saying. Anyway, I’m one of those folks who simply does not have that same appreciation. Not that I’m advocating for dirty napkins or napkin lumpiness or even napkins thrown onto the table and left as they land. I think that’s like showing up to a game at Heinz Field wearing Ravens gear. Getting punched in the face is justified. Christmas or not.

Anyway, giving up on perfect isn’t something to which I can relate. Mostly because I’ve never really strived for it when it came to family gatherings at Christmas. The gathering of family is about 90% of the deal to me. But listen if you want to iron napkins and elaborately decorate the table with 19th century English candleholders and put out luminaries along your driveway and show up for dinner in a black top hat adorned with holly while wearing this vest:


Hey, good for you. Nice job and good effort. I just don’t place the same value on all that. Well I kinda do want to wear the top hat and vest. At least once anyway. And I do put up a modest amount of Christmas lights. And Mom and I do have a pretty damn good collection of Christmas decorations. What can we say? We like seasonal décor. But go ahead and scroll down and you’ll see that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday mostly because of its informality. Now don’t get me wrong, formality and tradition is one of things that make Christmas great. It’s just that if you want to cook a turkey and crack some beers on Christmas Eve, I’m good with that too. Although I’m partial to perogies on December 24th. Google it. Take your time. When you’re done, you’ll want perogies too. And my Mom’s homemade poppy seed roll. Pretty much good after that. A little formality and tradition makes its feel like Christmas. But the flushness of the napkins doesn’t add to the holiday. In my opinion of course. I mean you get your family and friends gathered near, once more, flip on It’s a Wonderful Life or Scrooged, brake out the Christmas microbrews and that’s a good holiday as far as I’m concerned.


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  1. I totally used to thnk that life was about being perfect. I wanted to be a super mom. It’s probably no surprise then that I ran out of steam and got depressed before I realized that it wasn’t possible. Now, I let a lot of things slide because I can. We are late because it doesn’t dictate who we are. We just are…loved. We can’t do anything to change that. Great post.

  2. Looks like we’re going to be thinking a lot more about NFL playoff scenarios than we really should have to this Christmas season.

  3. The Steelers have definitely given up on perfect. What the hell is going on in the ‘Burgh?

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