December and Things

Snow-covered-Christmas-TreeLots of things just scream December at you. The crunch of snow under your shoes as you walk across a parking lot. Watching an NFL game with the snow coming down. Classic NFL clip below. Bring back these Eagles uni’s. And the Children’s Christmas Program at church.

Rye has aged out of the program. Too old. Like Franco Harris in a Seahawks uniform. But Kinz and Bails are still in there. Kinz was one of the narrators while Bails was a shepherd. A shepherd with a purple and gold outfit completed by a nice pair sparkly purple boots and sweet shepherd’s crook. The purple and gold didn’t go over all that well with Mom. Bears played the Vikings yesterday and Cutler reverted back to his Brett Favre circa 1993 form. Kept her from booing Bails as she walked up the aisle.

Anyway, the Christmas Program caused a wee bit of consternation in our house. Mostly because we’ve missed a few practices. The girls have been practicing during Sunday school for the last month or so. We, however, were gone last weekend in Colorado. Then we missed the Wednesday evening rehearsal. Mostly because this rehearsal got lost amongst other December calendar additions we are scrambling to fit onto the calendar. The normal dance and gymnastics lessons are locked in. But we’re adding a chorus concert, an orchestra concert, three additional dance activities for Rye (not of which involved dancing by the way) and Bails has grandparents day coming up this Friday at school. And we are schedule to help with dinner at church on Wednesday. So we just forgot about the Christmas program rehearsal. No excuse. We just freaking forgot. Despite some scheduling conflicts, we did manage to show up to show up for the dress rehearsal on Saturday morning. Turned that was okay as Kinsey had no problem reading her lines and Bails seemed to have little issue herding the little kids dressed as sheep.

But geez, am I the only one who sometimes gets the feeling that either you’re stretching your kids (and yourselves) over too many things or you start believing that the folks running all the activities honestly believe that absolutely nothing else is going during the month of December.

What is the freaking deal with this? Does every single organization on the planet need a holiday luncheon? Why do we have orchestra and chorus concerts in December? November and January are perfectly good months that don’t contain the biggest holiday of the year. I mean we went through October with nearly nothing extra or in addition to our normal routine. December rolls around and its like we’ve added another kid. Saturday morning we had the dress rehearsal along with dance for Rye and Kinz and it felt like a day off. I mean everything happened between about 8:45 and 11:30. That means by lunchtime, Mom and I had no more transportation and logistics to concern ourselves with in regards to the kids. Seriously, we were done by noon. NOON. That means despite our proximity to the winter solstice, we still had over 4 hours of daylight. So we went Christmas shopping. At the mall. On a Saturday. With just about 2 and a-half weeks to Christmas. And it was…awesome.

Really. Totally sincere about that. We didn’t have any kids. They didn’t call us either. I even went in a store smaller and less interesting than Brighton called Francesca’s. It not only had absolutely nothing for dudes, it had absolutely nothing for women that dudes would find remotely amusing. What it did have a lot of was staff. So I escaped. Which is a more manly way of saying I fled. But it didn’t matter. It was still fun. The only person I was responsible for keeping out of trouble was me. A task that was far more difficult to do manage when I was 18. Now? Not so much. Turns out I’m not too hard to keep in line.

In fact we completed so much Christmas shopping we had this thing called “time.” From I’m told its what you have when you get all your stuff done prior to the prearranged hour. So we went to a movie.

Saw Skyfall. Now I’m somewhat of a Bond purist. Not like I am about NFL uniforms and college football rivalries but I do believe that a Bond movie needs to contain certain elements. This is a good movie. It is also a good Bond movie. I think it is Daniel Craig’s best effort. Although, let’s be honest, it wasn’t going to take a whole lot to top Quantum of Solace. That was awful. Like Danny Wuerffel winning the ‘96 Heisman levels of awful. Solace may be as bad as Timothy Dalton in License to Kill. Loved Skyfall’s nod to the past with the Aston Martin complete with headlight machine guns. It was the Bond version of wearing throwback uni’s. Awesome. Going to try and go see Lincoln next weekend. Then This is 40 during Christmas vacation. Can’t wait.


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