Christmas Cleanup

I really feel like Christmas came and went without the normal adornments. This is almost solely due to record high temps and the lack of snow. We’re Midwesterners and Christmas without snow is like the 80’s without Duran Duran. Or John Hughes movies.

The last two Friday mornings are the first times it really felt like winter. Perfect winter mornings. Gray skies, flurries in the air and just enough snow on the ground that you still see the top of grass. Regardless, we haven’t had NFL games in the snow or sledding or that sound the snow makes when you walk on top it and crush it against the concrete.

So Christmas, while still Christmas, was missing that element. Which means that even though I got a sweet, sweet Sears Craftsman 19.2 volt Driver-Drill with variable speeds, and a new pair of LL Bean Field Boots, not to mention a DVD replay of Iowa State’s epic 37-31 double OT win over #2 ranked Oklahoma State in November, it still felt a little bit off.

Here’s a pic of my old boots passing the torch to my new boots:

But the last thing I wanted to do was wish for snow. We’ve had snowy Decembers for the last 4 consecutive years and as all Midwesterners will you, an early December snowstorm might mean a white Christmas but it also means that by February 1, you’re ready to treat folks the way Jack Lambert treated guys wearing white jerseys in Three Rivers Stadium.

From the amount of screams, the best gift for Kinsey and Bailey was the barbie glam jet. Yes they make this. Riley got Uggs. But she paid for half of them. And she hasn’t taken them off since she opened the gift. It was a good Christmas, we nailed just about every gift for the girls. We’re getting better at this or the girls are easier to buy for now they are a little older. Got Mom a Kindle Fire. She loves it. Christmas was also the last time she’s spoken to me as that thing has attached itself to her fingers. But it was bowl season and the NFL Playoffs were just getting started too…


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