Thanksgiving Leftovers

You know Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’ve detailed reasons why that happens to be the case here and here. Right now, I’m really just thankful for this:

Iowa State 37 Oklahoma State 31

And if all I get for Christmas is that. Well, I’m okay with that too. It was that awesome.

Anyway, Thanksgiving gets lost in the corporate commercial onslaught of Halloween and Christmas. Evidently, turkeys and pilgrims aren’t all that marketable. Thanksgiving has pretty much been rebranded as the tailgate immediately preceeding black Friday. Not that anything is wrong with tailgating. Especially when it is centered on turkey, potatoes, corn and beer. But even Meredith Publishing skipped right over it in Midwest Living Magazine. Yes, I get Midwest Living. And I read it. Aside from that, they skipped it. Halloween stuff – yup. All kinds of stories and pictures about pumpkin pie and jack-o-lanterns. Christmas stuff – yup. Pages and pages for wreaths, snow dusted greenery and holiday traditions.

Yeah, this is unacceptable. I mean, if anyone knows how to celebrate a holiday when its perfectly acceptable to consume nothing but gravy and beer, its those of us in the Midwest.

Regardless, here are 2011’s reasons why Thanksgiving is awesome.

Cool NFL football references. As in when your mother-in-law openly wonders when was the last time the Cowboys did not play on Thanksgiving. 1976 and 1977. Who replaced them? St. Louis Cardinals. I remember watching the ’77 Cardinals-Dolphins played in St. Louis. Griese carved them up 55-14. Why is this important? It marked the end for Coryell-era Cardinals and it gave me a chance to talk 70’s football, albeit briefly, during Thanksgiving Day conversations.

Leftovers. How much do I like leftovers? Back in ’91 my buddies and I got back late from a local drinking establishment and we were a bit, um, hungry. First thing we saw in the fridge was a plate of potato peels. Right, just the peels. Not sure why they were in the there but after some seasoned salt, ketchup and some time in the microwave, they weren’t bad. Peels have most of nutrients. So it was healthy.

Pie. Apple and pumpkin. No whipped crème. Cold not warmed. Mmmm….

Nobody expects anything. Thanksgiving is the one holiday when showing up is all anybody really expects. You want to bring over some food? Cool. But nobody is upset if you don’t. And even if you show up with a bag of rolls everybody thinks you’re cool. Why? There’s always some unused gravy that needs to be cleaned up. And nothing cleans up gravy like a cheap roll. Plus you only get dirty looks if you fail to eat your share. There aren’t any costumes. No presents. If you walk in wearing jeans, boots and a flannel shirt you fit right in. Its virtually impossible to screw it up. Nobody schedules Thanksgiving pictures. You don’t have to buy a new outfit. There’s always a James Bond marathon on TV to which you can flip during the commericals while watching football. C’mon, that’s a good holiday right there.

However, it also marks the beginning of Christmas. And, as Johnny Mathis says, it’s the most wonderful time of year. In fact, Johnny was singing this on the radio on the way home from gymnastics last week. Which lead to this brief exchange:

“Dad, is Christmas really the most wonderful time of the year?“

“Yes, yes it is.”

“Awesome. I think its because everyone is happy because they don’t have to go to school or work and everyone with their family.”

“Well said Bails.”

Today’s Christmas clip:

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  1. Well said.

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