Piano Tears

You what’s awesome? The Bulls back atop the Eastern Conference? Yes. Awesome. But not as awesome as the day the NFL releases the new schedule. And that day is today. I think we’re looking at three losses for the Steelers. Opening the season at Baltimore is a loss. Going to Indy is likely a loss unless the Steelers can get a couple faster DB’s in the draft. Tom Brady owns Dick LeBeau so that’s a home loss. Throw in road games at Houston, KC and a random loss to Arizona or somebody and 11-5 looks about right.

You know what isn’t awesome? Warrant’s 1990 follow up CD Cherry Pie. Despite the video, Cherry Pie isn’t really Warrant’s best effort. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which has nothing to do with Harriet Beecher Stowe or the events leading up to the Civil War, sounds like a made for TV Sunday night movie from the 80’s. Regardless, despite its cool guitar intro is…um…weird. And I Saw Red is, at best, a crappy version of Heaven. Which, as anyone who was 19 in 1989 knows, is pretty crappy song in its own right.

You know what else isn’t awesome? Riley’s impending hormones. She plays violin. And saxophone. And she’s essentially teaching herself how to play piano with a little help from Mom. She’s playing a little bit a couple nights ago and just breaks down into tears. Why? Because “its just too hard.” Remember, she’s teaching herself. So the arbitrary level of success she’s evidently set isn’t being reached according to her random, and likely illogical, schedule of piano achievement.

Tears. Over piano. On which she’s never even had a lesson. And she’s only 11. So I’ve decided that once the girls hit 11, I’m support staff. Mom’s the lead. I’ll take point right up to 11 but then it’s all Mom. Her show. I’m out. She’s Maverick and I’m Goose.

How is piano a trigger for for crying? Don’t get me wrong, irrational and emotional responses are appropriate at certain times. But those instances are limited. The crushing death of Hair Metal in the early 90’s at the hands of grunge probably qualifies. The fact that the words “Senate Majority Leader” still precede the name Harry Reid likely makes the grade. Bill Cowher’s inability to win AFC Championship games at home certainly meets the criteria.

But piano?

Anyway, Mom has yet to embrace the idea. My backup plan is to build myself a small house in the backyard equipped with Direct TV, a mini fridge a really comfortable couch.

Last thing, since I’m talking about Warrant and the spring of 1991…my top three songs from that year:

1-Ride the Wind
3-Fly to the Angels

As you can see from the list above, the spring of ’91 was a helluva good time for music.


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