Heart & Soul

It’s spring break. That means not only do the girls get the week off from school, but we get the week off from activities. No drop-offs or pick-ups. I fully understand that I willingly signed up for all the logistics involved but good googly moogly have we enjoyed this week.

This doesn’t even mention the fact that Kinsey has been gone since Wednesday afternoon. She went to the American Girl Doll store in Chicago yesterday with her cousin, aunt and Grandma. Two years ago Riley went. Now it’s Kinsey’s turn. In a couple years it’ll be Bailey’s turn. The best thing about Kinsey’s trip, as far as I can tell, is the fact I’m not there. I don’t think she minds either. Upon arriving at Grandma’s house on Wednesday she calls to tell me that her aunt plays way better music in her car than I do in my car.

“We listened to Ke$ha, Taio Cruz and Usher, it was awesome.”

So real quick run down your favorites from the above group.

Got ‘em? Shoudn’t have taken you more than 4 seconds because there’s not much to recall.

Now…real quick run down your favorite Tesla, Poison and Def Leppard songs. Go ahead. I’ll wait. This’ll take awhile. Lots of awesomeness to sort through.

Anyway, here’ s mine: Gettin’ Better, Ride the Wind, and Photograph. Go ahead and name a Ke$ha song that that compete.

You can’t.

Regardless, the most interesting thing about their whole trip wasn’t that they rode the train into Chicago or that they dropped their dolls off at an actual hair salon where the dolls had their hair styled. Seriously. I know what you’re thinking…how can there be a recession going on if people can find jobs as a hair stylist for dolls? If you think that’s difficult to answer how about this one…“In a tight job market, how the hell does George Lopez keep getting jobs, let alone host a talk show?”

The most interesting thing about the trip was that our third grader went to downtown Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day. I have friends who were jealous. Naturally, my first question for Mom when Grandma sent the date of the trip was, “You realize, of course, that your Mom is taking our 3rd grade daughter to downtown Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day…annually the drunkest day of the year in the Blues Brothers hometown.”

Jake and Elwood were on AMC this week. Do you watch it? I did. Can’t help it but sing along to their show at the Palace Hotel Ballroom.

Anyway, things evidently went fine in Sweet Home Chicago. Which is different than how they went in our house. You’d think the fact that we’re not getting backpacks ready in the morning or doing homework at night would allow for a smoother departure process before work.


Riley doesn’t take piano lessons but that hasn’t stopped her from repeated attempts at teaching herself. Mom showed her how to play “Heart and Soul” earlier this week. And I mean the piano song that everybody learns, not the cool Huey Lewis and the News tune from ’83 or equally as cool but lesser known T’Pau version in ’87.

This morning Rye thought it would be fun to teach Bailey. If I had had some type of club, or preferably a medieval mace, that piano would be splinters.

Unrelated thought of the day: After the big four holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and The Fourth of July), St. Patrick’s Day is probably the closest to making it a big five. Valentine’s Day, despite the heavy marketing, is dumb and is in the worst month of the year. New Year’s Day has lost its luster since the bowl games have been spread out during that whole first week of January. So I guess if I were to rank The Top Non-Big Four Holidays:

1-Memorial Day. Personally, I think everybody should be required to watch Saving Private Ryan on Memorial Day. Plus you can’t even say it without your mouth watering over grilled burgers and cold beer.
2-Opening Sunday of the NFL Season. What? It’s a holiday. Let’s just hope it still is in September.
3-Pulaski Day. I’m Polish. It’s a big deal. Casimir Pulaski was a hero of the American Revolution. Look it up.


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