Socks and Order

This is my house.

And these are its stories.

Not too many days ago, I began to notice. Pretty soon it had gone from an irritation to an epidemic.

At first I found them in places where they didn’t draw attention to themselves. They’d appear to fit in with their surroundings. Like Joe Biden at Cabinet Meetings.

Then they got bolder. You sit down at the computer desk and you see them. They can’t be ignored. Mostly because you can’t figure out why your computer desk was designated a perfectly logical place to locate them after removing them from one’s feet.

Then you find them sitting around on the coffee table in small groups. Kinda like yuppies in the early 80’s. Before you know it, everyone is wearing navy blue suits, white shirts and yellow ties.

Finally, it got so bad they even stopped trying to match each other in areas of plain view like the middle of the family room floor.

So, to paraphrase Vice Principal Vernon, “I’m crackin’ skulls.” Martial law has been declared and any offenders found loitering about not accompanied by feet and/or outside of their designated rooms or drawers…will be burned at the stake!


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