Picture Day and the Sax

So today is picture day at school. Our 3rd grader and 1st grader laid out some options Monday evening.

(There should be a picture here of the girls’ clothes. However, since the USB cable for my camera is missing…so is the picture)

Top row are Kinsey’s. Bottom row are Bailey’s. Three guesses which outfit I said Bails should wear.

The outfit I liked consisted of gold mesh shorts and a Jerome Bettis jersey. I thought it looked sharp. Mom disagreed.

In other news, Riley is expanding her musical footprint. Through a liberal dose of encouragement from Mom and I, she has decided to continue with the violin and orchestra this year. As of yesterday, she’s added band because she wants to learn how to play the saxophone. When she first mentioned band I suggested she play something small. Like the triangle. When she went to the band meeting for first timers interested I joining the music teachers let them try out some instruments to which ones are the best fit. I was absolutely sure it was going to be the drums. Or the tuba. She came home with two options. One of course being the sax. The other was the trombone. My first question?

Which one is cheaper to rent.

It was the trombone.

So yesterday afternoon we rented a saxophone. The sax is not only more expensive to rent than the trombone but also one of the most expensive instruments to rent overall. I told Riley she has a lot of debt to work off because I was assuming our activities outlay for Rye would be down this year since she decided to replace gymnastics with the saxophone. Turns out the sax is just about as expensive as gymnastics on a monthly basis.

She also joined a singing club at school. Watching Glee with Mom evidently does have an impact. To our immense satisfaction however, all of these obligations take place before or during school.

I also had the opportunity to pick up Kinsey and our neighbor from gymnastics tonight. I only bring this up for two reasons: 1) I had to miss the Brandon Jackson sweepstakes at my first Fantasy Football weekly meeting of the season. With Ryan Grant out for the year, Jackson is the first free agent prize. But I have Rashard Mendenhall on my roster this year. Only thing more awesome than the Redskins return to gold pants this weekend was Rashard’s overtime TD run. You know the last time the Steelers won a September home game in overtime by the score of 15-9 was 1978. They won the Super Bowl that year. Just sayin’…

Anyhow, reason number 2 is that Kinz and our neighbor decided to speak in Russian accents all the way home from gymnastics. That’s not nearly as amusing as it sounds.


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