Blizzard ’09

So good news and bad news today.

Bad news – we got about 15 inches of snow followed by 40 mph winds. Mom and I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk 5 times in the last 36 hours. Had to go back on the deck because the drifts were about 4 feet high. Snow plow came down our street about 6:00 tonight. That’s only noteworthy because it started snowing yesterday morning. We all had snows days today. No school, no work.

Good news – Patton was on this morning on AMC and Mom made some banana bread.

Bad News – Aside from the shoveling, we were trapped inside with the girls all day. Plus their friend next door came over too. And they put on at least 4 plays for us. There was “The Princess and The Witch,” followed by “The Witch and The Cat.” There was another one in there where they essentially argued about shoes. Then a ballet routine that was kind of like interpretive dance. Choreographed by Riley of course.

Good News – Democrats in Congress solved health care! Whew! That was close. They dropped the public option and instead chose to expand Medicare to the size of the Galactic Empire. Which means they are dropping the public option in order to expand the public option. C’mon man, that’s like telling me Turner & Hooch and K-9 were really different movies.

Here’s a pic of the snow today.


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  1. I would gladly take some of your snow. I’ll pass on the plays though. 😉

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