Mother’s Day Hot Streak

So Mother’s Day was good. On Saturday, as a gift, Mom was able to walk around the mall for almost two hours – alone – while Kinsey was at a birthday party at Build-a-Bear workshop. A party they had to leave gymnastics 15 minutes early to attend.

I gotta admit it made me a bit uneasy having Kinz leave gymnastics early. Why? Well, you’ve watched the Olympics. Those Chinese girls probably have to hit the triple lindy or whatever the hell it’s called three or four times in row before they’re allowed to eat. The East German translation for “gymnastics” is “pain.”

Anyway, Mom dropped Kinz off and went shopping. She used all the gift cards she’s collected over the last few Christmases and birthdays. She evidently had a lot. To Brighton. About every twelve hours or so since mid-day on Saturday, she’s shown me a new piece of jewelry.

“Like my new necklace?”

“Like my new earrings?”

“Like my new bracelet?”

So that’s nice.

Sunday was good to Mom too. We only had 4 kids in our 3rd Grade Sunday School class. They all behaved, listened and participated. It may have been the highlight of the weekend.

This afternoon, one of Bailey’s dolls arrived back at home. Gracie is one of her three babies that she sleeps with every night. Gracie spent the last few weeks at the hospital where Dr. Grandma performed limb reattachment surgery. It went well. Gracie is not only home, but she also has some new apparel. Dr. Grandma runs a small clothing shop on side evidently. Homemade stuff, nothing fancy. So Bails is happy. And that always makes things easier.

Today was show and tell day for her. It was “I” day. That’s a tough letter. She tried to bring her spider because it’s an insect. Except it’s not. Spiders are arachnids. Ever try explaining that to a 5 year-old?

“It has 8 legs so it’s an arachnid, not an insect.”

“Dad, it’s a bug.”

“Right. How about something else?”

I found it imponderably inconceivable that our combined imaginations and could not illuminate an inspiration to help us identify an “I” word. After contemplating “igloo,” my Billy Idol Greatest Hits CD, and “incense” we settled on “inches.” Bails dragged out a bright neon yellow yardstick. I substituted a 6 inch ruler. She was happy.

This Saturday we have Kinsey’s 7th birthday party. There is a possibility that we could have 15 little girls in our house for two entire hours. It marks the beginning of May Madness. May is a cluster month for us. Kinsey’s birthday, my birthday, Mom’s folks are visiting twice, my sisters, my nephew and my folks are visiting Memorial Day weekend. Plus we have two dance recitals and three recital rehearsals.

Let me know if you have birthday party ideas for 1st grade girls. The only thing we’ve settled on for sure is to let each girl make their own ice cream sundae. It should be messy.

But we’re on a hot streak. And I’m not messing with the streak. You mess with the streak and you end up like the ’90 UNLV Running Rebs against Duke in the Final Four. As long as the streak lasts through Saturday, we’re good…


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