Day Off #1

Today was my first day off since January. Which means tomorrow will be my second day off since January. And it was nice to be at home especially since last Friday started at work about 8 a.m. And ended with me hitting the pillow at exactly 4:59 a.m. Saturday morning. Exactly five hours after that I was back at work. Except this time I lucky enough to avoid a 4:59 a.m. bedtime. And by lucky, I mean the same way Herbert Hoover was lucky enough to be president in 1929.

My Saturday at work ended with me hitting the sack at 5:38 a.m. Sunday. In college this was cool. Sometimes. I’m almost 39 and beating the newspaper guy to my house by about five minutes isn’t funny anymore.

Regardless, Mom had this whole list of stuff for me to do today. No where on the list did going to the mall for a new hat appear. So I amended it. I picked up Riley and Kinsey from school and they tried to amend my amendment with new language concerning ice cream. Much to their surprise, although not entirely unexpected, their amendment failed. But so did our trip for a new hat. twins-1975I was looking for this one but came up empty. Twins fan? No. But I love throwback stuff.

Anyway, Kinz has a project due sometime in the recent past. Its an “All About Me” poster. Which was made clear to everybody in the house through Bailey’s serenade of “It’s All About Kinsey!” It consisted of these four words sung repetitively until you started bleeding from your ears.

Aside from that it was fun. I was recruited to help with coloring after Kinsey and I filled out all the questions.

“What is your favorite book?” The Giant Carrot.

Seriously. Somebody wrote a book about a giant carrot. And then cleverly titled it, “The Giant Carrot.”

“What is the awesome activity you like to do the best?” Ice Skating.

This confused me because the only time I remember Kinz going ice skating she fell, banged her knee on the ice, and cried. But it evidently was fun.

What is your favorite food?” French Fries.

I’m not arguing with this choice. Potatoes in any form are delicious.

“Who inspires you?”

Kinsey’s answer? “Um…you and Mommy, you’re my heroes.”

Control room this is Dad…que the Hallelujah chorus.

So once we answered all the questions, Bails and I helped out with coloring. After this past weekend, I found coloring wonderfully fulfilling. Although my juxtaposition of gray and yellow did not meet with Kinsey’s approval. I also wasn’t using enough pink. Another thing to remember is to avoid using black. Its not a real color to little girls. Its like asking a room full of liberals about the 2nd amendment. Its not a real amendment to them.

So tomorrow I’ve got a nice little Tuesday planned. Head over to Home Depot, maybe hit Bed, Bath and Beyond if I have time…no, seriously, I’m joking. I already went to Lowe’s this morning.

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