Last Night’s Medium

First thing – the 2009 NFL schedule was released today. I will now spend hours pouring over the schedule for absolutely no productive reason whatsoever. But it’s going to be awesome. Why? Because it’s football. In case you have your calendar handy, the NFL Draft is April 25-26. I dread the day after the draft. For it is on that day that The Great Wait begins. Beginning April 27th and running until late July (Steelers camp opens July 27th) the only thing on is baseball. And the Pirates haven’t been good since ’92. Damn you Sid Bream!

Second thing – did anybody watch Medium last night? I love this show. Reason? Because Joe and Allison have…wait for it…three girls. And…here it comes….they both work and spend an inordinate amount of time coordinating schedules, stumbling through parenting decisions and talking to dead people.

They are just like us. Except Mom doesn’t work for the local D.A. and solve crimes by talking to the recently dead. And she can’t see the future. I’m also not a rocket scientist. We don’t drive a Volvo either.

But besides that, we’re just like them.

Anyway, last night provided me with a glimpse into the future. Joe and Allison’s eldest daughter, 16 year old Ariel, was told she couldn’t go on a skiing trip up to her friend’s Dad’s cabin. Also on the trip would be her friend’s 18 year-old brother and his friends. Easy decision for any non-stupid parent. 16 year-old girls and 18 year-old boys…hmm….let me think…yeah, here’s the thing…no freaking way that is happening.

Compounding the problem for Joe and Allison is that Ariel is the sensible responsible oldest child. She makes good decisions. Except last night when she decided she was going anyway. Yes, I for one can’t wait for the “why can’t you let me live my life conversations.”

In what must be a shock to 16 year-olds everywhere, Joe and Allison figure out what’s up easily. Joe drives up to the cabin and picks her up. You already know what’s happening here because even if you don’t have a 16 year-old at home, you used to be 16. Ariel is humiliated and Joe is really, really mad. They are driving home and in a conversation I fully expect to have with all three of our girls more than once, I see the future.

Joe: “What could you have possibly been thinking?”

Ariel: “Why don’t you trust me? If you trusted me, you would have let me stay.”

Joe: “Ariel, I don’t trust them.”

I am not looking forward to any of this.

But I am planning for it on daily basis. For about $250 you can get a GPS tracker about the size of a cellphone that is easily concealable in a car. I’m still working on acquiring my own spy satellite.

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