Rudy and The Baseball Furies

It’s not quite nostalgia but something similar. You hear a song and just for an instant, a fleeting second, you can actually feel what it was like back when the song was popular. I hear \"Jump\" and I swear it’s 1983 and I’m playing 8th grade basketball. I can smell the gym. I hear \"Coming of Age\" and you can’t tell me it isn’t 1990. I can taste the Milwaukee’s Best Light.

We were at dinner tonight and “In the City” by The Eagles came on. This might be The Eagles best song. You can make a case for “Take it Easy” in the pre-Joe Walsh era and “Already Gone” after he joined the band. Plus “In the City” was originally written for The Warriors and that was one freaky movie for a 6th grader to watch by himself in the basement.

It had this weird radio DJ who gave a running play-by-play of the Warriors trek across New York back their territory at Coney Island. thewarriorsIf you’re wearing a leather vest without a shirt and it has “Warriors” across the back, nighttime in New York is not where you want to be. The movie has that great late 70’s/early 80’s ominous music track like Escape From New York. Which, by the way, is easily in my list of movies I’ll watch every time its on TV. Anyway, The Warriors freaked me out. I could have only been about 11 when I first saw it and, well, The Baseball Furies were scary. Not Jason scary but more creepy scary. Like the murals on the sides of all those vans in the 70’s. furies

Anyway, I heard “In the City” tonight and it got me thinking. Are the girls going to hear some Kelly Clarkson song 25 years from now and think, “Wow, this reminds me of when Mom and Dad would drag us out to dinner on Friday nights.” Think about that. I hear The Eagles and can remember the late 70’s and to a certain degree the early 80’s since nearly all of them had solo hits too. Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” is the best Eagles solo hit by the way. Regardless, how bad does it suck for the girls that their nostalgic music trigger is destined to be Kelly Clarkson?

Evidently not as bad as my baseball skills. I’m sitting the other night on the couch completely exhausted. I’m so spent that I hit the couch and stayed in the exact same position for nearly two hours until I called upon the god of creaky knees and finally summoned the strength to walk up to bed. Anyway, Kinsey and Bailey haven’t seen much of me lately so they have sort of cuddled beside me.

I’m watching Rudy. Mom looks up and over at me, “You just love this don’t you?” rudy

Its not that I’m a Notre Dame fan, in fact I believe the first words my Dad taught me were “Notre Dame sucks,” its that I just love this stuff. Hoosiers is my favorite move of all-time. I watch Invincible every time I come across it. I came pretty close to tearing up when Coach Devine finally has the heart to send Rudy into the game against Georgia Tech. But since the girls are watching it too, Bailey and I are having a conversation. She gets this from her Grammy.

“Dad what’s that guy doing?”

“Well, his coach just sent him into the game and he’s not sure what he’s supposed to do.”

“Why did he get that guy?”

“That was his job. He’s a defensive end and sacking the quarterback is one of his main jobs.”

“Is he good?”

“No. No he’s not. He’s too small and he’s too slow. But he worked really, really hard and he never gave up. And because of that, he finally got to play. Not too many people get to play for Notre Dame.”

“Oh…he’s just like you Daddy.


“Yeah, you’re not very good at baseball but you still work really hard.”

So I guess her heart was in the right place…

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  1. I missed out on the Easter festivities this year…. are you going to blog about it? I would enjoy hearing your rendition of the events…. and the antics of my Aunt 🙂
    Though I saw some great pics on Facebook.
    Sarah Berberich

  2. Yeah, I’ll get something up shortly. I want to post a couple pics and I haven’t downloaded them from my camera yet.

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