The Final Countdown

Girls are on Spring Break this week. Mom has been on Spring Break since she came home from work on Thursday. She goes back Wednesday. Mom and Grandma are taking Riley and her cousin to Chicago to visit the American Girl doll store there. Consulting my database of things I’d least like to do I came up with a quick list of three things: 1) Watching golf, 2) listening to grunge all day, 3) visiting the American Girl doll store in Chicago. Anyway, not only are Mom and Riley gone until Tuesday afternoon but Mom’s sister volunteered to watch the other two at her house until the American Girl doll pilgrimage is completed.

Which means today was The Final Countdown. And I don’t mean that horribly horrible hair metal song by Europe circa 1986. I have no idea what VH1 was thinking when they named it the 66th best hard rock song of all-time. Sure Joey Tempest had impressive hair but the only thing impressive about the song was the amount of cheese in it. I actually saw these guys live in July of ’88 when they opened for Def Leppard. It was even cheesier in real life.

I also don’t mean The Final Countdown starring Kirk Douglass and Martin Sheen circa 1980 when the USS Nimitz finds itself thrust backwards in time to December 6th, 1941. final-countdownThis is easily one the best time travel movies of all-time. Other awesome time travel movies: Frequency, My Science Project, Terminator, Back to the Future, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Time Cop.

Anyway, today was The Final Countdown to my Spring Break. I haven’t been on Spring Break since 1992. So since about 2:30 today, I’ve been on Spring Break. Well sort of anyway, I still have to go to work tomorrow. But I only have to get myself ready in the morning. Which may be the single most awesome thing about my Spring Break.

But I haven’t done a whole lot so far. Went to gym. Went to the grocery store. Watched some of Saving Private Ryan. Watched the NCAA Tournament Selection Show. I like Louisville and Pitt in the final even if Ty Lawson is 100 percent for UNC. Couple early round upsets I’m thinking about VCU over UCLA, Western Kentucky over Illinois, and Utah State over Marquette. High seeded team I have no confidence in? Kansas.

So here’s my plan – I’m going to watch any and all analysis of the tournament for awhile. Doug Gottlieb knows what’s up. Then maybe I’ll watch The Final Countdown. Because I own the DVD. WWII and time travel. Almost too awesome…


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