I’m not really a guy who appreciates art. I don’t really have a favorite artist. Or a top ten list. I can’t tell you the difference between baroque, impressionism or neo-classicism. I didn’t even know that classicism was a real word.

However none of that has stopped Bailey from exploring her drawing talents. I get home from dance yesterday evening after stopping at the grocery store to pick up 100 edible items for Kinsey’s class because today was the 100th day of school and they had a party. She had to bring 100 edible items – we chose super cheddar blasted goldfish. Got myself some of the pretzel goldfish. Very tasty. And she also had to bring in 100 non-edible items. She choose pennies.

Simple enough right? Well while Kinz was still in the shower, Rye decided to count out all 100 goldfish and all 100 pennies. Kinz came down while Rye was in middle of counting the pennies. It was awesome. First, Kinz is pretty ticked off because it’s her deal. Then she starts randomly yelling out numbers while Rye is counting the pennies.

“18, 47, 51, 12!”

Then Bails comes over and starts eating out of the pile of 100 goldfish.

Rye is pretty meticulous about projects of this nature. So the interventions from Kinz and Bails were worse than the time Magnum blew up Higgins’ model of The Bridge Over the River Kwai.

I had to physically restrain her. I was like Temp taking the Wild Thing off the mound in Major League.

Anyway, I walked in the house after dance and Bails is super excited to see me. Mom says, “Hey Bails, show Dad what you did at school.”

She runs over and shows me the following. rocker-chick

“I cut this out Dad because you like to do this too.”

“Ha! Cool Bails. We like to do that when we listen to Poison. Or Def Leppard.”

“Yeah, we like rockin’ songs Dad!”

Then she shows me this.


“It’s a picture of Mommy. Isn’t she pretty? She has a crown and earrings. Did you see her freckles? Her eyelashes have lots of colors too.”

“Nice job Bails.”

“Here’s you Daddy.”


Yeah, I got nothing here. My hair goes all the way around my head. I’m either Amish or a Bigfoot. I have some weird eye thing happening. Maybe I’m winking. I’ve never had a moustache but I do here. And it’s above what anatomy textbooks will insist is my nose. Not so sure. That might be Alaska. My teeth are pretty sharp. And black. I’m also green. If you didn’t notice. But I’m smiling. So I guess that’s good…

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