Snow Day: Part Deux

Turns out everybody overreacted. Or they really just wanted an excuse to start Christmas vacation a day early. Snow plow came by and after I dug out that wall of snow the plow always leaves at the end of your driveway, I figure we head to the mall and do some Christmas shopping for Mom. Get a couple gifts, maybe some stocking stuffers.

This was a mistake of historic proportions. Along the lines of Admiral Nagumo not launching a third strike on Pearl Harbor, the Vikings trading for Herschel Walker and New Coke.

It was a mistake, to paraphrase Men at Work.

We managed to get through lunch with the standard issues or issue. Bailey wouldn’t finish her chicken nuggets but did decide she needed to dip both elbows in her ketchup while singing Christmas carols. So a normal meal for Bailey.

We quickly went through a couple stores because Bailey and Kinsey were unable to maintain complete control of their motor skills. At point I angrily motioned for Bailey to come over next me.

“But Dad, I’ve being looking for this,” as she pulled a kid sized Adrian Peterson Vikings uniform off the rack.

You know had she pulled a Roethlisberger uniform off the rack she might have gotten away it.

After a couple more incidents like this, I had had it and decided we’re outta there. We get in the car and Bailey grabs her small purse with chapstick and her play cellphone inside. I wouldn’t let her bring it into the mall because she’s Bailey. And there was no doubt in my mind that she would have lost it. She pulls out the cellphone and pretends she talking to somebody.

“Bailey put the phone back in the purse.”

“Daddy quiet, I’m talking on my phone.”


“Geez…I’ll have to call you back.”

Instead of having her pass the purse up front, I told her to give it to Rye. Giving her stuff to one of her sisters is a way better punishment than having me hold onto it.

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