Legion of Doom

As our new President goes about naming all the cool kids to his White House kickball team, it reminded me of something. Last summer when we were driving to the Ozarks, for the now infamous Ozarlympics, the girls were watching the portable DVD player. Not the one that is actually installed in Mom’s car but the little mini one we bought 3 years ago. Why you ask? Because we have had the damn car DVD player fixed and/or replaced three times and it still doesn’t work. So we gave up and now we just bring the old one.

Anyway, the girls were watching “The Challenge of the Superfriends” DVD’s I bought them for the trip to Florida a couple years ago. Do you remember this classic Saturday morning cartoon from the late 70’s? It succeeded the original Super Friends cartoon with Wendy, Marvin and Wonderdog. It had the original cast of Superfriends but added the Wondertwins along with Flash, Hawkman and Green Latern along with Black Vulcan, Apache Chief and Samurai.

Think hard. You have to remember it. Next to Scooby, it might have bee the next coolest Saturday morning cartoon.

Anyway the opening to the show is pretty cool with Lex Luthor running down the roster of the Legion of Doom – “Banded together from remote galaxies are 13 of the the most sinister villains of all-time- The Legion of Doom! Dedicated to a single objective, the conquest of the universe. Only one group dares to challenge this intergallatic threat – The Superfriends!” Which kinda reminded me of what Prez-Elect Obama is doing right now. He’s banding together a collection of the greatest liberals of all-time in a quest to resurrect FDR and re-create The New Deal!

I’m having a little trouble filing out the roster however. I mean, who the hell is going to be Lex Luthor? Or Brainiac? Luthor is leader of the Legion. Is that Obama himself? I think it’s probably Michelle Obama. Because Brainiac is a super-intelligent evil android from the planet Colu. That’s Obama.

Al Gore is Black Manta. Or Ack Ganta as he’s called now. He seeks to make things as they once were. When the creatures of the sea ruled the world!

Captain Cold? Hillary. C’mon, who else could it be?

Scarecrow? That’s Nancy Pelosi. They have the same skin texture. Alec Baldwin is Bizarro. If you look up Bizarro you’ll find one of his characteristics is twisted, erratic and irrational behavior. Hence, my decision.

Giganta is Rosie O’Donnell. They’re both big, annoying and stole their superpowers from somebody else. Giganta from Apache Chief. Rosie from Madonna.

Grodd the Gorilla? Michael Moore. Like Grodd, Moore was just a simple apeman until some aliens gave him superpowers and now he wants to take over the world.

Solomon Grundy? Ted Kennedy. Google them both. Separated at birth. Ted Kennedy stronger than Obama!

Toyman is Al Franken. Toyman is kind of an irrelevant member of the Legion. He was annoying and not very sinister but somehow managed to get a gig with the Legion. Among Luthor’s many questionable leadership decisions is picking Toyman for his team. Sounds a lot like Franken. Annoying. Democrats in Minnesota couldn’t find anybody else to run so they picked him. Now he just won’t go away.

That leaves the Riddler, Cheetah and Sinestro. If you have ideas let me know.

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  1. Cheetah? Tim Geithner? As in Tax Cheetah!!

    Sinestro? The insane Latern driven to insanity by his defeat? Would say Al Gore, but used–John Kerry.

    The Riddler? Enygma?–Gotta be Barney Frank…riddle me this, why would Fannie and Freddie encourage bad loans?

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