Note Cards

We’re cleaning up the house on Saturday because we’re having some friends over. The place is beginning to look pretty damn good when I get distracted. I find some note cards that we’ve been using to help Kinsey with her “sight” words. Do you know what “sight” words are? I didn’t until the girls started grade school. They are words like: am, for, too, what. Words kids should know on sight. Hence the name. Well I’m picking them up when I notice three cards in particular.

Here’s the first one: sidneys-fingernail-styles-note-card

Evidently Rye has been observing the various finger nail styles present in our town. That first one looks pretty normal. The next one has some kind of weird lightning bolt design. It must be for people who are really fast. That third one sorta looks like a German army helmet from World War II. The fourth one on the top looks like a cigarette butt. Don’t know what that means. The first one in the bottom row looks like a bigger, fatter version of the one above it. Maybe it’s Oprah’s. The next one is sort of misshapen. That’s either some new cool thing the kids are doing or it could be Rye’s rendering of what a 70’s era jiffy pop popcorn container looks like at fully popped corn capacity. That last one is either a dude nail or an Indian burial mound.

Next one is this: sidneys-think-before-you-speak-note-card

So I guess I should be happy that at least one of them is listening when I talk to them. And not only that, but she took the time to illustrate my lesson. Although, once again, one of my children has drawn a picture of me without any hair. And an egg shaped head. With crazy black eyes.

Last card is this: sidneys-fish-note-card

Yeah, it’s a fish.

Finger nails, lessons from Dad and a fish. So I guess that’s what 3rd graders think about.

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