Portraits and Poop

There are lots of small minor things that happen throughout the course of your day that you don’t pay much attention too but if you don’t forget about them, they are all pretty funny.

For example there is this portrait Kinsey drew of me. dads-portrait2

Not sure why my eyebrows are doing that. I’m must be surprised that my nose is blue. Or I only have four teeth. And they’re black. She didn’t even bother to put any hair on me.

We just had parent-teacher conferences this week. Kinsey’s teacher said she had a tendency to drift. We of course didn’t agree. Drifting is what an iceberg does in the north Atlantic. It’s floats along aimlessly. Moving slowly. Kinz doesn’t really drift as much as she changes gears faster than James Bond in the opening scene to Quantum of Solace. You’ll understand the reference as soon as see it. Excellent flick by the way. Judi Dench is great as “M”. But a little too much Matt Damon in the Bourne trilogy, especially the last one, and not enough Sean Connery in Thunderball. The action sequences get a little carried away. Anyway, Kinsey goes from writing a story to talking to her friends about Scooby Doo instantaneously. It happens quickly. Like she jumps over a minute in time. Weird thing is that Kinsey is gettng pretty darn good at math. Doesn’t get that from me. Maybe Mom. Definitely Grandad and Grandpa.

Riley’s conferences all go the same. They have since kindergarten. We often joke that if we had stopped having kids after Riley, we’d look upon all other parents as dolts.

Anyway, here’s the book Bailey brought home from daycare. everybody-poops2

Tough to argue with the title. She ran back to her cubby when I picked her up because, in her words, she needed her “poop book.” Knowing Bails, I was sure I heard her right. Now she’s memorized the whole thing and recites it with the all knowing tone of Ron Burgundy. It’s science.

Gotta remember to bring that damn book back to daycare on Monday.

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