Massage Madness

The two little ones are down at Grandma Camp this week so it’s just Mom, me and Riley. And it’s weird. Like Rye said today after we got home, “Man it’s weird not having the girls here. It’s so quiet.”

She’s absolutely right. I also got to work about 35 minutes earlier than I usually do this morning. That was weird too.

Anyway, we convinced Mom to come down to the basement and play the Wii with us last night. Riley demonstrated her tennis dominance over me and then furthered my humiliation by knocking me out in boxing. She’s developed the ability to set you up with some jabs, batter you with a combination and then land the haymaker and lay you out. She’s getting a little cocky too. Like Apollo Creed but without the Uncle Sam hat.

Either I need a better corner man or I have to stop leading with my chin. I looked like Balboa in his first fight with Clubber Lang. Cut me Mick.

Seriously she’s getting so good that she can simulate Sugar Ray Robinson’s Candy Cane punch. P4P she’s the best boxer in the house. Her ring generalship is unmatched.

I finally beat Rye at baseball to reclaim some of my dignity. I think when adults play the Wii they REALLY simulate the actual movements. Hence my shoulder pain and Mom’s wicked form at bowling. She uses a lot of space as she releases the ball. She’s got this Sally O’Malley stretch thing going on.

Anyway, if she’s playing tennis you’ve got to pay attention. Rye and I were actually diving for cover as Mom repositioned herself for her return backhand and overhead smash. Despite the violent backswing, she’s pretty good. She owned the alleys and had the computer running all along the baseline. I’m going to need to take some time off and work on my game to catch up.

We also took advantage of our one-child supervisory responsibilities by doing some shopping. Got some sweet new Cyclone gear. Rye helped me pick out a new jersey, hat, t-shirt, and mini-helmet. But somehow I got roped into using part of gift cards to buy Mom some new jeans. Funny how that works…

But the funniest thing that happened all day though was when I picked up Rye from daycare. I walk in and her teacher points down a hallway, which is usually off limits to the kids, and Rye and a friend are taping something to the bulletin board.

“Your daughter started a new business today.”


“Hey Dad this is our massage schedule for the teachers. We put a pencil up there too so they could schedule themselves at a good time.”

“Wow, good job. Nice grid format for the sign-up sheet. What did you name your new massage business?”

“Riley’s Massage Madness.”

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